Our Mission

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Grimsby and Cleethorpes

The start was the launch of the first Dolly Parton Imagination Library in partnership with the Grimsby Institute’s Little Stars Day Nursery on Thursday 6th March 2014, World Book Day at the nursery, where each child registered received their first book.

The Dolly Parton Imagination Library was originally launched in Dolly’s home of Sevier County; Tennesse.It fosters a love of reading among pre-school children by providing them with a free hardcover book every month from birth to the age of five.

Currently, the Imagination Library has programs in over 2000 communities across Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia with 1million children under the age of five receiving books from the Imagination Library each month, and over 70 million books have been donated to children since the programs first began in 1996.

Children's experiences with parents/carers and other family members in the early years is key to how language unfolds in early childhood and how children develop a foundation for their enjoyment of communication and of literacy. Access to books and one-on-one reading time in the preschool years is an important predictor of future literacy skills, and research has confirmed that reading to children every day during their preschool years not only will provide a lifetime of benefits, but is the single most important thing parents can do to prepare children for success in school.

Our next project was the start of an Imagination Library with the St.Peter,s Children Centre in Cleethorpes.

And the Bursar Academy has also now a Imagination Library Project within there Academy.

Take a look at our top 10 findings.
We’re pretty sure you’ll be grinning as big as we are.

  1. Children who participated in the IL program are more likely to be performing at grade level and least likely to be performing below grade level than their non-participating peers
  2. Children who participated in the IL program were more likely to score higher on literacy assessments, even into third grade
  3. Parents of children receiving Imagination Library books say they read together more often and this activity, coupled with close adult-child interaction using Imagination Library activities, improves the child’s speaking skills and vocabulary
  4. Skills such as math scores and cognitive skills are significantly improved with participation in the Imagination Library
  5. Participation in the Imagination Library program does help develop positive social-emotional and behavioural skills
  6. Imagination Library participants are able to acquire a basic understanding of print and book component concepts, including separate words and letters and book-handling skills
  7. Program participation promotes one-on-one time for reading and nurturing between children and adults
  8. Having books in the home has been consistently proven to be a predictor of children’s academic success, and in Tennessee, the GBBF helps each family build a library of as many as 60 books, instilling pride and a sense of self-esteem in the young recipients
  9. Love and understanding of reading is shared among children, families and communities participating in the Imagination Library
  10. Imagination Library participation may affect the overall amount and quality of parent-child interactions and lay the foundation for adults’ consistent involvement in their children’s learning and development.

These results are only the beginning of the positive results in the analysis! We want all of our North East Lincolnshire’s children to take the path towards improved education and literacy!

The research doesn’t stop here! Working with the Dollywood Foundation, we’ll continue to track our young students’ progress and share our findings.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library Team

Rotary Club of Cleethorpes

The books cost £25 per annum per child to supply, so the overall cost over five years for a child who joins from birth is £125.

For more information: www.imaginationlibrary.com and www.cleethorpesrotary.org

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